August 2022

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Three powerful social media posts to grow your brand online, faster

It’s not that Reels aren’t in the mix of the most powerful types of social media posts – it’s just that there are tried-and-true contenders in every industry that take way less time to produce (and a different skillset if you’re not naturally inclined on Reels). Plus, these formats have been working for a decade, proving our point that despite what the “experts” want you to think, there is such a thing as sustainable content and social media strategy.

Breaking the industry Mastermind rule

The high ticket business growth mastermind industry is normalizing annual fees between $30k-100k, and these same businesses are taking home between 30 – 50% profit. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this – except when so many folks leave these cost-prohibitive programs without real transformation. Coz, the truth is that you never know what you’re gonna get.

How to grow your brand faster

The number one obstacle to brand growth I see is trying to do too many things at once. The advantage of working closely with this many businesses is that I get to witness tried-and-true patterns. So in addition to *KNOWING* that if you feel overwhelmed right now, you’re probably trying to do too many things – I also know there’s a general framework and sequence to building your growth-driving digital marketing program.

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