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Three powerful social media posts to grow your brand online, faster

It’s not that Reels aren’t in the mix of the most powerful types of social media posts – it’s just that there are tried-and-true contenders in every industry that take way less time to produce (and a different skillset if you’re not naturally inclined on Reels). Plus, these formats have been working for a decade, proving our point that despite what the “experts” want you to think, there is such a thing as sustainable content and social media strategy.

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21 Reasons to Join Content Strategy Accelerator

After spending more than 10,000 hours studying content and creating social media strategies for hundreds of brands, I have seen what works (and what doesn’t) across dozens of industries, at brands of all sizes. Most importantly, I understand where every brand should start, and where we need to customize our tactics to fit within our

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Does social media marketing feel like an ethical dilemma? Do this.

A couple of weeks ago we watched as the world freaked out over the six hours that Facebook and Instagram went offline. Around the same time, Facebook’s whistleblower exposed how, despite internal research showing the platform’s negative effects on the mental health of teens and democracy in general, the company continuously pursues profit over people

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Outsource or In-house

Social Media Marketing: Outsource or In-house?

$22,000 over 22 months: That’s how much I’d invested into my coach by March 2020 without having seen any return from it. I was a bootstrapping marketing agency owner in a program that focused on building revenue streams from digital products. Compared to my readiness to launch this business unit, I had jumped in a

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burnout is a fork in the road

Burnout is a signal: How will you respond?

It started with a three-year business-building sprint, followed by the onset of a global pandemic, into 18 months of quarantine. The conditions of lockdown made it socially acceptable to work even more than I had been during those first few years. Then, there’s just normal 2021 stuff like daily heartache over the news and unrelenting

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How to Reduce Your Anxiety about Instagram Reels

If you’re a small business owner feeling bombarded by “REELS OR BUST” messaging, this blog is for you. Instagram Reels launched to 50 countries in August 2020. It’s a feature within the Instagram platform that offers a space for accounts to post short videos (up to 60 seconds long) showcasing product, personality, and boosting sales

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