Want my team to create your content and social media strategy?

Over 70% of brands are confident that social media marketing can support their business goals, but only 30% feel confident that their current approach is effective.

There are two big reasons for this gap:

  • Digital marketing is being taught in various vacuums, separating out social media strategy from email, SEO, website, etc. This creates waste, confusion, and overwhelm. What we really need is a holistic digital marketing strategy that plays to your strengths and drives sustainable sales without the flash, shiny objects, and misguided advice.
  • There’s an unprecedented conflict of interest inside of the social media marketing industry caused by inter-platform competition between Instagram, TikTok and YouTube to capitalize on the content creator industry (expected to grow to a whopping 13.8 billion dollars by 2025). Platforms are paying influencers to create content about how to win on their platforms…. But the advice you’re seeing about how to grow online is specific to the content creator industry. If you’re a small brand owner, your strategy needs to look different because you have so many more things to do than create content. We should be creating a holistic and sustainable strategy for our brand, then partnering with content creators who are publishing multiple Reels a day (not trying to chase that for ourselves if it feels unsustainable).

If you’ve been trying these strategies and they’re not working, you’re in good company. If you’ve looked at these strategies and thought this feels off brand or how on Earth can I post this much? You’re asking the right questions.

We’ve had a waitlist for the past year, so I’m excited to announce that we’re opening up a handful of clients spots for content strategy projects. Meaning, my team will develop your actionable, high-performance content, social, and digital marketing strategy that will drive sustainable sales and real business growth.

Among so many other things, your content strategy will:
  • Guarantee that every social media post you publish is working to grow, convert, and retain your customer base. One of these three or bust, for max performance and efficiency!
  • Act as a roadmap for establishing an emotional connection with your prospects and customers that leads to above-average brand adoption, engagement, and website traffic. So you can grow faster, sell through, and build community like our clients always do!
  • Improve resource efficiency by reducing the amount of time it takes you to plan, produce, and publish content because you’re working from the most potent possible power source with a strategy that aligns every digital marketing channel you are playing on.
  • Be custom-fit to your internal resources in order to reduce overwhelm, clarify your path forward, and measurably grow your brand.
  • Ensure that on the path to brand growth, you simultaneously improve your organization’s personality, tone of voice, and brand equity.“Oh. My. Gosh. You guys. I have the biggest smile on my face right now. And sort of weeping at the same time. Fucking brilliant. Really. You nailed exactly how I think about my people and put it into such great language.” ~Heather, Hey Heather Campbell! 
We are a super small business (probably like you). Our resources are precious, so I’m going to shoot you straight with the details:
  • The investment to have my team create your content strategy, playbook, and performance framework is $7,500.
  • We take clients on for this by application only. If you have the budget to invest, please apply!
  • We’ll review applications on a first-come, first-serve basis. If your application is approved, you’ll get a phone call with me (also in priority order of applications that we receive and approve).
  • On the call, we’ll dig into the details of your brand and business goals. I’ll tell you about the way the project will work. If it feels like a good fit, we will collect a deposit to reserve your spot and schedule your onboarding call.

This is specifically for the strategic leader that wants the highest-performing content strategy possible for their brand.

If this sounds like you, APPLY NOW.

Looking forward to connecting!

In your corner,


KW Content is a global content and social media marketing agency that develops and launches content and social media programs for purpose-driven brands. Strong Brand Social is our favorite place to hang out! That’s where we provide the absolute best (and most accessible) social media marketing education that empowers small brands to develop their own high-performing marketing programs that are guaranteed to drive growth. Teaching from our proven agency methodologies, we simplify the process and demystify the art of social media marketing to offer focus, efficiency, and measurable results to small business owners, brand directors, and social media marketers. [Learn more.]

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results our clients see

It’s all about the final product. By mixing the right services into a potent blend of marketing
mastery, your brand will see measurable results that move the bar forward.

it’s about…

Your brand showing up, suiting up, and playing like a pro

Your brand showing up, suiting
up, and playing like a pro

A beautifully cohesive brand experience

A beautifully cohesive
brand experience

Raving fans with
unquestionable loyalty

Raving fans with unquestionable loyalty

Bigger audiences, more
customers, and better connection

Bigger audiences, more customers, and better connection

But most of all, it’s about having a bigger and totally measurable impact on what got your brand here in the first place… the desire to do good in the world.



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