How the entrepreneurial underdog wins

I had a six-week runway to figure out how to keep our doors open and keep my teammates employed. In March 2020, my marketing agency had 80% of its revenue slashed due to the uncertainty caused by the onset of the pandemic.

The memory of this time is visceral: fear, sadness, gratitude, hope, focus, adrenaline, and trying to be as courageous as I possibly could be. I employed four women at the time – all of who I cared for deeply. I worked around the clock for months, and every Saturday morning I would go for a walk and cry, releasing all of the tension from all of that trying to hold it all together. Maybe you know what I mean?

I was three years into my agency (8 years into my marketing career) with a perfect track record for bridging the gap between beautiful brand storytelling and high-performance marketing for systematic growth at some of the world’s most beloved brands. When the shutdown came, I knew we had one play to make: pivot our services to be more accessible for all of the independent brands trying to figure out how to meet their customers online and keep their business intact.

Given the stage my organization was at, I had spent the whole previous year developing standard operating procedures, workflows, and systems for how I did my work and achieved these results. So I was perfectly positioned to transform these into a roadmap of resources for any brand that wanted them. In addition to creating the course, I was able to publish a sales page that converts at 8% and content and advertisements that got so many of the right people to that page.

In three weeks, we launched a product that, as of today, has received hundreds of positive reviews, has impacted 14,000 brands, and has helped founders, owners, and marketers double their revenue (more than once for those who’ve been with us for a while).

Today, five years after starting my business and two years after the pandemic hit, I’m an extremely proud leader of a global team that’s redefining what work and growth look like at a seven-figure internet company. But here’s the truth:

  • I would have never been doing the work on those standard operating procedures for my agency if it wasn’t for the business mentors who told me I needed to be doing it at that exact time. Those resources were the #1 reason I could bring my new offer to the market so quickly.
  • We were able to execute – in record time – everything else it takes to bring that offer to the market (and sell it like hotcakes from day one) because I was in a mentorship program that gave me access to entrepreneurs that had done this type of work hundreds of times before. I followed their directions, got feedback, and took action. Believe me when I say that the $30,000 I had invested felt like a huge risk – until I leveraged it to launch a new business unit that crossed one million dollars in annual revenue in less than 18 months.
  • We have brought so many resources to our community in record time and with relative ease since then. Because I listen to my customers, hear what they want, and then invest in mentorship to make it happen.

This is the story behind Strong Brand Social.

When the pandemic hit, business analysts predicted that some brands would emerge stronger while others would shut their doors. Same thing between 2008 and 2010 during the economic recession.

Today? We’re facing pandemics, climate disasters, world wars, and economic recession all at the same time. There’s no “contingency” business strategy! We need to be efficient, focused, and strategic with our resources at all times.

Our consulting system inside of the Club is unlike anything I’ve ever seen:

  • designed to keep you focused on doing fewer things instead of throwing a bunch of stuff at you that you *might not even need*
  • engineered to remove things from your to-do list to help you achieve your goals faster because bootstrapping brands don’t have the luxury of being inefficient
  • enabling me and my team to get to know your brand deeply, because surface-level consulting does more harm than good
  • created to save you time and help you make more money – for a fraction of the cost that I’ve been paying for my own mentorship – because I believe the world will be better off with more purpose-driven brands reaching their full potential

We’re on a mission to disrupt the high-ticket consulting space (and simplify the chaos of the digital growth industry) so that more brands have access to life-changing business consulting.

We’re not planning to survive the recession. We’re planning to thrive through it, and we’d love to take you with us.

Join us HERE.

In your corner,

KW Content is a global content and social media marketing agency that develops and launches content and social media programs for purpose-driven brands. Strong Brand Social is our favorite place to hang out! That’s where we provide the absolute best (and most accessible) social media marketing education that empowers small brands to develop their own high-performing marketing programs that are guaranteed to drive growth. Teaching from our proven agency methodologies, we simplify the process and demystify the art of social media marketing to offer focus, efficiency, and measurable results to small business owners, brand directors, and social media marketers. [Learn more.]

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It’s all about the final product. By mixing the right services into a potent blend of marketing
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it’s about…

Your brand showing up, suiting up, and playing like a pro

Your brand showing up, suiting
up, and playing like a pro

A beautifully cohesive brand experience

A beautifully cohesive
brand experience

Raving fans with
unquestionable loyalty

Raving fans with unquestionable loyalty

Bigger audiences, more
customers, and better connection

Bigger audiences, more customers, and better connection

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