New opportunity: Paid Social Bootcamp with the KW Content team

Strong Brand Social’s Paid Social Bootcamp is now available! We began working on this once we realized how many small business owners were joining us inside of Strong Brand Social, who are having great success and clarity with the frameworks and strategies we’re teaching, but need extra support on the ins-and-outs of the ad platform. This page tells you about 90% of the trainings that are in there. It’s all done on screen share style videos so that you can follow along step-by-step setting up every single thing we ever do to grow our client accounts faster, engage better, and drive more website traffic.

My teammate, Caitlin, is the primary instructor of this course. I wrote a little bit about her on Instagram the other day—you can check it out.

It’s worth adding how unique Caitlin is in her field due to her depth and breadth of marketing experience. When I met her, she was working in the PR department at Burton. Then she spent a couple of years as the brand manager there before joining me and taking a full swan dive into the world of media buying.

Every social media advertiser I’ve ever come across has a singular skill set (social advertising). I’m not trying to knock anyone. I’m just pointing out that as business leaders, we want our talent to have both deep and broad experience. Because this means they have a full-scope, holistic understanding of our business and what we need our marketing to do. It’s how we make sure we’re not being fed one-size-fits-all advice, but rather custom guidance that’s uniquely suitable to our industry, brand, customer, product, and business goals. That’s what you’ll get from Caitlin. In fact, when we tallied up our average client campaign click through rate from 2019 (after hundreds of thousands of dollars of ad spend in five different industries), we were at 7.29%. After we removed a couple of super high outliers, we were at 5.19%. This is compared to an industry average of 1%.

That’s what we call resource efficiency—when you are achieving 5x the success on the dollar compared to your competitors.

Yes yes yes, we’re showing you the path so that you can tap into that for yourself. What are you waiting for?!

In your corner,



KW Content is a global content and social media marketing agency that develops and launches content and social media programs for purpose-driven brands. Strong Brand Social is our favorite place to hang out! That’s where we provide the absolute best (and most accessible) social media marketing education that empowers small brands to develop their own high-performing marketing programs that are guaranteed to drive growth. Teaching from our proven agency methodologies, we simplify the process and demystify the art of social media marketing to offer focus, efficiency, and measurable results to small business owners, brand directors, and social media marketers. [Learn more.]

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results our clients see

It’s all about the final product. By mixing the right services into a potent blend of marketing
mastery, your brand will see measurable results that move the bar forward.

it’s about…

Your brand showing up, suiting up, and playing like a pro

Your brand showing up, suiting
up, and playing like a pro

A beautifully cohesive brand experience

A beautifully cohesive
brand experience

Raving fans with
unquestionable loyalty

Raving fans with unquestionable loyalty

Bigger audiences, more
customers, and better connection

Bigger audiences, more customers, and better connection

But most of all, it’s about having a bigger and totally measurable impact on what got your brand here in the first place… the desire to do good in the world.



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