Social media updates from the past 30 days

Everything you need to know about updates to Facebook and Instagram from the past 30 days. 

  • Facebook just launched a new platform called Facebook Business Suite which was created in an effort to help small businesses more easily manage their Facebook and Instagram content and communities. This update will allow users to manage their Facebook and Instagram profiles from one location and will be available for both desktop and mobile. For fans of Page Manager and Creator Studio – don’t stress, these platforms will still exist.
  • Instagram announced progress in its effort to improve inclusivity and accessibility: The app is introducing audio captions for IGTV videos. Now when you upload an IGTV video, users will have the option to turn on ‘Auto Generated Captions’ in the settings. This new feature will be initially rolled out in 16 different languages with more to be added. 
  • Early this September, the EU called out Facebook to stop their data transfers about EU users back to the US. This is part of a larger movement by the EU to hammer down on digital privacy regulations. Facebook responded saying that if these surveillance rules are implemented, Facebook and Instagram will withdraw operations from Europe. This seems like an unlikely threat, but we’ll keep you posted. 
  • Facebook has been encouraging the use of hashtags on its app for a few months now in an effort to increase reach and community engagement. The platform is currently testing predictive hashtags that will give users the option to add suggested tags to their post. The tag suggestions will also be accompanied by information on how popular it is. This feature is still being rolled out.
  • Facebook is introducing an Organic Video Post Testing tool to help creators A/B test their video posts to arrive at the best performing content. It hasn’t been confirmed yet when this option will roll out to everyone, but some users are reporting that it is available in the Creator Studio app under the ‘Create Post Test’ option. Users will be able to test up to four variations of a video post and once Facebook determines the most successful variation, it will be distributed to the users whole audience.  

With all of that said, stay focused on selling through in Q4. 

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Raving fans with unquestionable loyalty

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Bigger audiences, more customers, and better connection

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