Social media updates from the past 30 days

Changes and updates to Facebook and Instagram from the past 30 days. 

  • It’s what everyone in the marketing world is talking about: Apple iOS 14 update has finally arrived. If you’re not familiar with the backstory, back in June Apple announced a new update that would change its tracking system, giving all users the option to opt-in or opt-out of data tracking. In response, Facebook is claiming that Apple is significantly limiting marketing efforts for small businesses and creators especially. To be clear, users have always had the option to opt-out of tracking from within Facebook settings. The major change is that this update puts the option front and center with explicit prompts that explain in detail what data is being tracked. We shared our thoughts on the update live inside the Strong Brand Social Facebook group, if you’re interested in hearing what we have to say check it out here (If you’re not already a member, request access and we will accept asap!).
  • With 2020 finally behind us, social media platforms are sharing their insights, and biggest takeaways from the past year. Facebook reported their most popular topics of discussion in their annual “Topics and Trends Report”, which for the first time included insights from Instagram as well. The report looks at data from April 2019 through September 2020 in an effort to capture shifts and changes that were a result of the pandemic. The report covers eight markets, and four regions under the topics of Education and Action, Technology, Lifestyle and Leisure. You can find the full report hereIf you’re looking for more 2020 social media wrap up’s, you can find similar insights from Twitter, TikTok and Youtube
  • Some big news for those who use Creator Studio to plan and schedule your content: Facebook is testing a new content calendar feature for select users. The calendar shows your past and scheduled Instagram activity, making content planning for IG and FB much easier within the tool. For right now, the feature is limited to in-feed and IGTV posts and does not yet include scheduling for Stories. We’ll keep you updated if we catch wind of new info. 
  • Instagram has updated both Reels and Stories in yet another effort to compete with TikTok. The new options allow users and creators to add audio tracks, voice recordings or music clips to their Reels, while also enabling control over audio levels. The new update also adds a Reels watermark to the clip when published. It is no surprise that these features and creative tools have the same functionality as TikTok, which is a main competitor. Rumor has it that Instagram is considering testing Reels clips to be viewable on Facebook news feed and Facebook watch, which could significantly boost audience reach. If Instagram does move forward with testing, Reels could have a significant edge against TikTok. 
  • Facebook Groups have always been a huge draw for Facebook, and as people seek new ways to stay connected during the pandemic, groups have seen an even larger influx of usage. Now, in an effort to link brand partnerships, groups will be added to the Brand Collabs Manager tool. Businesses and creators already had the ability to search Facebook and Instagram for relevant content, and now they’ll have the option to seek out groups too! A statement from Facebook explains the benefits of this update best, “Public Group admins can collaborate with brands to create campaigns that resonate with their group members. Brands will be able to connect with relevant audiences in spaces people trust and actively engage in, and group admins will also have an opportunity to earn money to support their work to manage engaged communities.” Facebook has already started rolling out this option to public groups, and will consider expanding to other types later. 
  • Lastly, Instagram used their data insights to spread some holiday cheer and shared the most popular holiday cookie in each state across the country. The results were determined by Instagram likes and mentions of cookie content over the past month on both in-feed and stories. Not only is this a pretty fun way to analyze data, but it also has the potential to influence your future seasonal campaigns. Up here in Vermont we’re sugar cookie fans, what’s the most popular holiday treat in your state? 

That’s it for now. 

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