The #1 reason why content programs fail

It’s never about a lack of vision.

At least, not with my clients. I work with businesses that are doing great things and have exceptionally talented people at the helm. So, lack of vision—or a lack of strategy—is never the problem.

There’s a lack of articulation.

Probably because social media marketing for business is really only 10 years old, and much younger for most companies. Our organizational charts show that we’re adapting, but our ability to direct an agile and impactful content program says otherwise.

If you’re managing a marketing team, don’t underestimate how many resources you will waste due to a lack of articulation.

Let’s imagine for a second…

You have a team of people working to bring content to life according to your brand strategy and business goals. It’s a talented and experienced team. We have writers, photographers, designers. They send you…stories…before publishing for review to thousands (or millions) of people.

Sometimes, they get it so right.

Sometimes, they get it so wrong.

You think it’s a matter of focus. Or caring. Or something, you’re not quite sure.

They? Talk amongst themselves: “You just never know what’s gonna get shot down.”

Scrap that. Start over. Most likely miss some social moment that’s important to your followers and that you could have—should have—been a part of.

Marketing has changed, a lot. Not the fundamentals, but the way we bring the basics to life.

So if the way your managing your marketing team hasn’t changed, a lot…

You see where I’m going.

Many marketing team leads have never directly managed a social media program (global, local or otherwise).

So when I say: Your team needs you to articulate your brand strategy into a modern content framework and social playbook…

I mean:

  • Guidelines that nurture creativity instead of stifle them.
  • Clear articulation around what we say and how we say it in the context of modern marketing channels.
  • What it looks like, and what it doesn’t look like.

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results our clients see

It’s all about the final product. By mixing the right services into a potent blend of marketing
mastery, your brand will see measurable results that move the bar forward.

it’s about…

Your brand showing up, suiting up, and playing like a pro

Your brand showing up, suiting
up, and playing like a pro

A beautifully cohesive brand experience

A beautifully cohesive
brand experience

Raving fans with
unquestionable loyalty

Raving fans with unquestionable loyalty

Bigger audiences, more
customers, and better connection

Bigger audiences, more customers, and better connection

But most of all, it’s about having a bigger and totally measurable impact on what got your brand here in the first place… the desire to do good in the world.



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