Winning over the millennial market with values-driven messaging

Millennials are a force to be reckoned with. They’re an enormous, savvy, and powerful group of consumers who are shaping the way brands do business. This group is the most idealistic and values-driven generation and they’re using their power to do a lot of good in the world. Want their business? It’s not simple.

Rule #1: You can’t lump “Millennials” into one group and treat them like they all want and value the same things.

Rule #2: Brands that attract Millennial consumers are working hard to earn it because these consumers are careful with their cash and loyal to brands that resonate with their lifestyle, tastes, and values.

So what exactly does this particular market value?

Every niche, every segment of the Millennial market loves a brand that A) champions a cause that means something to them. And B) employs messaging that stirs their emotions and spurs them into action. Also:

  • A fast and intuitive user experience that’s 1000% mobile device-friendly.
  • Peer-reviewed and online-approved products and services.
  • Messaging that encourages individuality and celebrates diversity.
  • Stories of social justice, body positivity, LGBTQ inclusivity, etc.
  • Messaging that makes them feel like they matter.
  • Age-positive messaging.
  • Complete freedom of thought, expression, and choice.
  • Action and experience-driven marketing that boldly caters to these values will earn their business and win their loyalty.

With consistency and deliberate action, most brands can slowly earn their way into the fold. And, eventually, have their own key to the doors they’ve been knocking on to no avail.

Rethink your brand’s core values

Are the values that drive your brand’s messaging relevant? Do they resonate with the corner of the Millennial Market you’re looking to attract? If you don’t know, find out with a series of isolated message tests. Some other action items for you to consider:

  • Put your brand’s core values into action:

    Inspiring words are nice, but, as the old adage goes, action speaks louder than words. What are you doing to breathe life into your values? And make them a real part of what your brand does for, in, and with the world? If your message lacks legs that carry the word of your brand, you might end up limping around in unproductive circles…

  • Be a part of their journey:

    Millennials don’t want anyone telling them who they are or what they should do/think/believe. They want to be inspired by and connected to a brand as they explore life and work to evolve together. How can you help them discover themselves in an unbiased and supportive way? How can you take their hand and walk side-by-side with them?

  • Be supportive:

    This generation cares less about fitting into yesterday’s box, and more about building their own box from scratch. What tools are you giving them to explore, discover, and try on new ideas, concepts, and lifestyles? How are you making it easy for them to discover and do what they want? But while also feeling engaged with your brand and excited to be a part of something?

  • Segment your messaging:

    Millennials are the most free-thinking and individualistic group of consumers to date. And there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. As you put your values into action, create personas and tailor your messaging to the smallest viable markets within the larger group; you’ll get more traction faster. The beauty industry is a great example of this: It’s a saturated space. But if you look closely you’ll see that leading brands have identified their precise type of person and are unwavering about speaking directly to them, consistently.

  • Putting It All Together:

     The bottom line is this: attracting and winning over the Millennial market isn’t as easy as throwing together some Insta posts with photos of avocado toast or creating content with a more Millennial vibe.

This is about root-level change that defines who a brand is and can then make its way above ground to start walking the walk.


You can’t skip the foundational therapy/brand strategy. Period.


Once that piece is squared away, a deep dive on how your strategy and core values will be extended out from your brand into a thousand different stories, touch points, and moments with your customer is absolutely necessary to ensure coherency and efficacy.

The Millennial Market Myth

If you’re a brand looking to attract the Millennial market, remember that the “Millennial market” as portrayed by simplistic marketers is a hoax.

Every group has its factions and individual preferences and to just have “Millenials” as its own segment of your marketing is naive. Treat them like any other diverse group of humans and segment them into personas as you would with any other group you’re talking to.

Lastly, be real and be focused on the problems and mindset of your personas. This, paired with content and social media strategy will move you towards your goals on a steady trajectory that feels good for both your brand and the consumers you want to win over.

In your corner,


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Your brand showing up, suiting
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Raving fans with unquestionable loyalty

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Bigger audiences, more customers, and better connection

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